a journey. together.

August 8th, 2008. It's the date that Nina and Ricky's story begins. 

At the time, Nina was a blossoming jewelry designer with a studio showroom and a short stint on a reality design competition show. Ricky was just starting his own company. They knew they were the perfect match- two creatives that loved the hustle and grind of running a business. 

Fast forward ten years, Nina left the jewelry industry to work in the Fashion Apparel industry. She worked with multiple fashion brands and spent years traveling the world, attending fashion week and running multi-million dollar businesses.

Ricky always wanted to own an online web store. "I think it would be fun," he would say over dinner, as the two watched Shark Tank. One day, Nina took the bait and pitched a new jewelry line to Ricky, ending with "so are you in or are you out?"

A few months and a global pandemic later, Nina and Ricky launched August Eighth Jewelry.

They now work together on a shared dream, combining their strengths and creating stories through wearable design.

handmade. with love.

Each piece of August Eighth Jewelry is made by Nina by hand. Her style is driven by the places, vibes and scenes that excite her- but her true inspiration comes from the stones. 

As she lays out her gold filled wires, she selects the stones that move her and weaves a new story for the stones in her hands.